Shop Conscious launched in August of 2020 with a two person team after months of planning, and a shared vision.
A future with more informed consumers making a difference by supporting brands who respect our shared environment and have fair labor practices.
Greenwashing is a popular brand marketing strategy, where brands claim to be sustainable without any backing. Sometimes brands make sustainable claims using data they've produced, leaving room for biased reporting. We wanted a way to sort out the genuinely ethical brands from the phonies, and turned to third party organizations for help. 
Using various sustainability-oriented third party certifications, verifications, and memberships, we curate US based brands to ensure you're selecting ethically made clothing so you can worry less about hidden environmental or human costs behind the products. To learn more about the 10 third party orgs we partner with, go here.
We are also working on providing educational resources for consumers about how to shop responsibly. Check in on our Learn section periodically or follow us on social media @shopconsciousguide to stay in the loop. So far we have researched and provided easy to digest breakdowns on 37 sustainable materials, and 20 third party certifications, memberships, or verifications.





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Some of our content contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission when you buy products from Shop Conscious brands after using our website.

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