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About Shop Conscious

Do you have an app?

If the Shop Conscious website gains enough traction, we will have an app lined up. :)

How does Shop Conscious make money?

Some of our content contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission when you buy products from Shop Conscious brands after using our website.

Can brands pay to be featured on Shop Conscious?

Absolutely not. Shop Conscious will not accept bribes. Brands are selected based on their third party certifications, verifications, and memberships.

Why only US based brands?

It would be awesome for Shop Conscious to grow internationally, allowing you to search brands by country with each country's different third party certifications and memberships. However, it's a small group running Shop Conscious as of now and we would go crazy with that work load.

How often is Shop Conscious updated?

We know seasons change and so do brands' inventories. We update our clothing listings at least every two weeks to ensure accuracy.

About Third Party Orgs

Why not use the Organic Content Standard (OCS) certification?

We decided not to include the OCS on Shop Conscious because, according to the Textile Exchange, "OCS does not address social aspects of production beyond the integrity of the organic material." The GOTS certification is more rigorous and a better indication of ethical practices for cotton production.

How expensive is third party certification? Does this discourage small businesses?

Most third party certifications are payed for on a sliding scale. This means the payment for the certification is in proportion to the amount of money the company makes annually. This means even if you own a small business, you can apply for certifications for relatively cheap.

What other certifications do you recommend but don't utilize on Shop Conscious?

Head over here, where we have a running list of other helpful third party orgs with simple breakdowns. :)

Why not use the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)?

The BCI allows the use of genetically modified cotton and farmers are not paid premiums.