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For now, learn about the importance of third party orgs below,

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get educated on 37 sustainable materials shaping our future

learn about our third party partners that evaluate our brands, or 

discover other helpful orgs not found on Shop Conscious.

Why shop using third party orgs?

Third party certifications, verifications, and memberships provide specific standards and guidelines that companies must follow to remain certified, verified or a member.
These organizations provide accountability to brands,
and trust for the consumer.
Below are examples of what third party orgs can tell you.
Fair Trade: Whether laborers work in safe conditions, receive fair pay, and there's no child labor. Ex: Fairtrade America, Fair Trade USA
Chemical Use: Whether harmful and toxic chemicals are used during production. Ex: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Bluesign
Environment: Whether a company is carbon neutral or uses materials from sustainably managed forests. Ex: Climate Neutral, FSC
Ethics: Whether a company meets a wide variety of ethical criteria, including leadership and transparency. Ex: Certified B Corps, Remake
For a complete breakdown of all third party orgs used by Shop Conscious, go here.





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